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December 2011 Topic

December 5th, 2011 · No Comments

Digital Libraries, Digital Archives, Digital Humanities, Digital Scholarship: What’s the Difference? Prioritizing, Strategizing, and Executing

Jenn Riley, Head, Carolina Digital Library & Archives

When: Tuesday, December 13th, noon

Where: Davis Library, Meeting Room 214

Various digital fields have evolved in the academic environment in the last 20 years, from new ways of doing research and creative work to new ways of expressing and collecting this work. Academic libraries in particular are a part of many of these efforts, yet missions, funding, and staffing have not necessarily evolved to match the new possibilities that have arisen. This session will explore issues related to the development of library services in these areas at UNC and elsewhere—balancing innovation and sustainability, taking risks while remaining accountable to our users and our funders, and working to define a new role for libraries in 21st century scholarly communication practices.