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September 2015 Topic

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Topic: The First Amendment & Copyright
Speaker: Anne Gilliland, Scholarly Communications Officer, UNC Libraries
Where: Davis Library Research Hub, 2nd floor
When: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 2-3pm

Through the centuries, copyright has been used both to thwart and to encourage free speech. Join us to learn how copyright and the First Amendment coexist in the U.S. today. We’ll discuss recent cases, such as Google v. Garcia, that blend copyright and First Amendment issues.

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May 2015 Topic

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Topic: The Commemoration of World War I at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Speakers: Bill Balthrop, Rhetorical Studies Department of Communications Studies; Libby Chenault, West European Librarian; Matt Turi, Manuscripts Research and Instruction Librarian; Tommy Nixon, Classics, Dramatic Art, and English/Comparative Literature Librarian
Where: Wilson 504
When: Wednesday, 13 May 2015, noon-1pm

Please join us in Wilson Library, Room 504 (note the different location) to learn how researchers and librarians across campus observed World War I throughout the year. Since we will be handling archival materials, please refrain from eating during the program. Bill Balthrop (Rhetorical Studies Department of Communications Studies) will talk about the IAH/Faculty perspective in creating a pan-university commemoration and his own work analyzing of the rhetorical functions performed by the American memorials and monuments constructed in Europe following World War I. Libby Chenault (West European Librarian) will talk about being the Library liaison as well as existing and new WWI source materials. Matt Turi and Tommy Nixon (Special Collections and Davis R&IS) will talk about working with classes.

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March 2015 Topic

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Topic: Open Access and the Humanities
Speakers: Dr. Martin Paul Eve, Lecturer in English Literature, University of Lincoln
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Tuesday, March 24th, 12-1:30pm

Open access refers to the removal of price and permission barriers to research and the phenomenon now has global traction. Of clear benefit to multiple stakeholders, harnessing the power of the web to disseminate research material at no cost to the reader seems uncomplicated. However, the challenges for its implementation in the humanities disciplines remain to be met and many researchers are concerned. In this talk, Dr. Martin Paul Eve will address the contexts, controversies and the future of open access for the humanities.

About the speaker: Dr. Martin Paul Eve is a lecturer in English at the University of Lincoln, UK. He is the author of two books, Pynchon and Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Foucault and Adorno (Palgrave 2014) and Open Access and the Humanities: Contexts, Controversies and the Future (Cambridge University Press 2014). In addition, Dr. Martin is well-known for his work on open access to scholarly communications, founding the Mellon-funded Open Library of Humanities.

This talk is jointly sponsored by the UNC Press, the UNC Scholarly Communications Working Group, and the UNC Open Access Task Force.

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February 2015 Topic

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Topic: A Publishing Makerspace
Speakers: Sylvia Miller, Senior Program Manager, Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI), headquartered in Duke University’s Franklin Humanities Institute; John D. Martin III, doctoral student in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Wednesday, February 11th, noon

Please join us next week for our February program, a presentation and discussion of Publishing Makerspaces. Sylvia Miller and John Martin will discuss this fledgling project which had its beginning at the 2014 Scholarly Communications Institute held in Chapel Hill. The goal of the project is to imagine, design and implement new ways of engaging the many actors involved in academic research and publication workflows at the earliest stages of projects. The approach encourages collaboration, interoperability, and multimodal scholarship. Our speakers will outline the general concepts and processes involved in a Publishing Makerspace and then allow for ample time for discussion, questions and feedback.

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December 2014 Topic

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Topic: New Growth at UNC’s Southern Historical Collection
Speakers: Bryan Giemza, J.D., Ph.D., Director, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 at noon

Please join us next week for our December program which is an informal presentation/discussion of the strategic planning process that is unfolding at the Southern Historical Collection. Bryan Giemza will describe some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. He will identify areas where SHC staff intend to grow the collections, and articulate an emerging model for community-driven and –curated projects. There will be plenty of time for discussion, and your questions, feedback, and suggestions will be welcome.

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November 2014 Topic

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Topic: Digital Libraries and the Role of Librarians
Speakers: Cal Lee, SILS Faculty and Lily Pregill, Technology and Project Management Consulting for Libraries
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 at noon

Please join us for our November program tomorrow for an informal discussion on current and future roles for librarians in digital libraries. What are potential roles and expectations? Prof. Cal Lee from the UNC School of Information and Library Science will discuss digital archives and also share his insights on the profession. Lily Pregill has extensive experience in data and technology management for museum libraries. Some of her projects include the Brooklyn Museum & Archives, Frick Art Reference Library, and the Museum of Modern Art.

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October 2014 Topic

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Topic: Monographs and First-Book Subventions: A New Model from the AAU-ARL Task Force on Scholarly Communication
Speakers: John Sherer, Director, UNC Press and R. Stewart Varner, Digital Scholarship Librarian, UNC-CH Libraries
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at noon

Is there a better economic model for the dissemination of humanities monographs? A new task force including university presses and research libraries has produced a prospectus on how an institutionally funded model might work. Come join a roundtable discussion on the topic lead by John Sherer, the director of UNC Press and Stewart Varner, Digital Scholarship Librarian at UNC-CH.

Here is a link to AAU/ARL document (9 pp.) that will be discussed: AAU-ARL First-book Subvention Prospectus, 6/12/2014.

All faculty, staff, and students are invited.

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April 2014 Topic

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Topic: Digital Humanities at UNC: An Update on the Digital Innovation Lab and Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative
Speakers: Pam Lach, Digital Innovation Lab (DIL) Manager and Stephanie Barnwell, Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative (CDHI) Programs Coordinator
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at noon

DIL Manager, Pam Lach, and CDHI Programs Coordinator, Stephanie Barnwell, will talk about the activities of the CDHI and DIL over the past year, including the establishment and implementation of several DH-related programs, from faculty hires to graduate fellowships. They will also share some newly-launched projects.

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March 2014 Topic

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Topic: Privacy Issues in Digitization: Law, Privacy and Practicalities
Speaker: Anne Klinefelter, UNC Law Library Director
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at noon

Anne Klinefelter will speak on Privacy Issues in Digitization: Law, Privacy and Practicalities, with a special emphasis on privacy issues encountered during the UNC Law Library’s project to digitize North Carolina Supreme Court documents.

Ms. Klinefelter is Director of the UNC Law Library and Associate Professor of Law.  She serves on the advisory board of the UNC Center for Media Law and Policy and of the Future of Privacy Forum.

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January 2014 Topic

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Title: Reinventing the University Press
Speakers: John Sherer, Director of the University of North Carolina Press
Where: Davis Library 214 A/B
When: Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

University presses thrived for much of the 20th century by embracing information scarcity models and creating a cost recovery economic system. But as we move from information scarcity to information abundance, and as the cost-recovery model has withered under fiscal and economic pressure, how does a press adapt? And is there an opportunity amidst the disruption to build a more efficient, more accessible, and more sustainable scholarly publishing program? The new director at UNC Press will discuss how they are facing these challenges, and how through the use of digital workflows and products, they are expanding their publishing program, disseminating scholarship more broadly and with more discoverability than ever before, while simultaneously reducing its prices.

John Sherer was named the seventh director of the University of North Carolina Press in June of 2012. Prior to that, he was the publisher of Basic Books in New York and also held the positions of Publisher of Nation Books, member of the AAP Trade Executive Committee, and adjunct professor at New York University’s School for Continuing and Professional Studies. He has held marketing positions at Henry Holt, the Brookings Institution and was a manager and buyer at Olsson’s Books and Records in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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